Kevin C. Tofel

I'm such a sucker: I bought an older GPU to replace a newer one

Posted on August 29, 2020

A few weeks back, I explained how my $900 gaming PC quickly became a $1,200 gaming PC. Would you believe we're up to $1,500 now? Yeah, I'm a sucker. Although at $900, the original system was perfectly…

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It's things like this that annoy me about Windows

Posted on August 08, 2020

Why do things just... break? I was all set to share an interesting tech tidbit here this morning and was stopped in my tracks. Instead of blogging from my Chromebook (using Linux with Gatsby in VS…

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I was so wrong. Don't build your own PC

Posted on July 31, 2020

About a month ago I suggested that most people should build their own PC at least once. That was right after I built a decent gaming PC on a $900 budget. And so far it has served me well, not just for…

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Goodbye Hugo, hello Gatsby!

Posted on July 24, 2020

After a month of considering a switch of the Static Site Generator, or SSG, that creates the pages for this blog, I decided to make the switch. As of now, Gatsby, which replaces Hugo for me, is the…

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Interesting: Developing in Ubuntu through VS Code, running in WSL2

Posted on July 18, 2020

Late last month, I said I’d be looking into WSL, or the Windows Subsystem for Linux, which is still a work in progress and available for Windows 10. If you’re not familiar with WSL, it’s an easy way…

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Three weeks in, a $68 PC storage upgrade: SATA SSD vs. M.2 NVMe drives

Posted on July 17, 2020

I dropped $68 on this Western Digital 250 GB M.2 NVMe drive from Amazon this week and it arrived today. When I built my PC last month, I wanted to keep the budget low, so I put a less expensive 50…

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