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I'm a JavaScript padawan learner at Launch School

Posted on February, 2022

Anyone who knows me even a little knows that I can't sit still when it comes to my education. Sure, I'm 52 but there's always time to learn more. That's why I went to my local community college at age…

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So ends the great Masters in CS experiment

Posted on December, 2021

Well, my first semester in the Georgia Tech OMSCS program is over. And my first semester is also my last semester. I’ve decided to not continue this online Masters program. My decision isn’t because…

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Why I'm drowning in the C

Posted on July, 2021

What a slacker. I just realized I haven't posted here since April. And so much has happened since then! Time for a recap from then to the present because I'm literally drowning in C, as in the…

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Wish me luck (I'm gonna need it)

Posted on February, 2021

I made a big life decision this past month. At age 51, I've applied to an online Masters in Computer Science program at Georgia Tech. Yeah, I'm surprised too. See, I always wanted to teach college…

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